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Conservation matters

Conservation, sustainability, recycling.. all words with big impacts, if action is taken.  Our philosophy is to take steps, both large and small, to reduce our environmental impact while growing our sweet, delicious watermelons.  

So, what steps do we take?  We are glad you asked!

Our farms use different techniques:

  • Planting wind rows. Planted between the rows of watermelons, wind rows lessen soil erosion and help to reduce the amount of chemicals used. This benefits the surrounding areas and overall soil health.

  • Crop Rotation. Being mindful of crops grown before and after our watermelons assists in reduction of chemicals used by reducing the exposure to weeds and unwanted insects.

  • Drip Irrigation. One of the largest ways our farms conserve water is using drip irrigation to deliver water to directly to the plants.

In our packing sheds, we use cardboard bins made of recycled material.  Our pallets come from recycled wood and are reusable. 

Of course, we live by what our grandparents taught us.. take no more than we need and use it until it doesn't work anymore - then use it again for something else.  Simple, common sense approaches that have worked for years. 

We realize the responsibility we have to our local communities to be a good steward of the land and resources we use.  Our business depends on it. 

Our duty is to use the land well... This is our responsibility as citizens, but more than that, it is our calling as stewards of the earth.
— George W Bush